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Terry Hanck "Appreciate What You Got" Live in Sacramento from Wes Davis on Vimeo.

A big audience favorite from Always is his new
Louis Jordan-influenced original, " When I  Get My Shit Together."
Preview the song here
(mp3 - 1.21 MB)
Says Terry: "It's all about rhythm and humor. Louis Jordan influenced EVERYONE in my field--R&B, Blues and Soul. 'Ain't Nobody Here But Us Chickens,' 'Jack, You're Dead,' 'Saturday Night Fish Fry,' 'Brother, Beware.' Those 'soundies' he did back in the 1940s are classic. My new song, 'When I Get My Shit Together' is very much related to my love of Louis Jordan. Being a sax player, writer, singer and bandleader like he was-he's a main man!"
Here's a clip of "Cupid Must be Stupid" from Terry's new album, Always.
Preview the song here
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Lyrics- Jojo Russo (Jojo Russo Music, BMI). Music by Terry Hanck, Chris "Kid" Andersen  (Old Toby Publishing, BMI). Terry Hanck- vocals, saxophone.
Elvin Bishop-guitar. Chris "Kid" Andersen-bass and rhythm guitars. Butch Cousins-drums
. Bob Welsh-piano and organ
Listen to Terry on vocals & sax with the Tommy Castro Band!
Recorded live at the Bamboo Room in Lake Worth, Florida.
Kidney Stew (mp3 - 6.86 MB)
Mercy (mp3 - 7.24 MB)